BibTeXML news and updates

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Recent changes and revisions

20070313. Java GUI application BibTeXConverter available.
20070103. BibTeXML code now in Subversion.
20030911. RELAX NG Schemas are available.
20030118. Parameterised DTD.
20020621. Submitted the project to Sourceforge.

Related work

There are quite a few initiatives trying to XMLize BibTeX, most of them having a flat content model, and some of them support our schema. Users are encouraged to contribute to the project by giving feedback or create conversion tools.

Bruce D'Arcus and John J. Lee have put together a list of "Open standards and software for bibliographies and cataloguing."

Parsing .bib files

Use Chris Putnam's bibutils, bibliography conversion utilities, for converting .bib files directly to MODS.

Johannes Henkel has a BibTeX to XML converter based on Greg Ward's btparse C library.

JReferences supports BibTeXML. It includes a conversion utility for
RIS ↔ BibTeXML and BibTeXML → DocBook XML.

Tellico, a collection manager for KDE can import and export BibTeXML.

Converting BibTeX to HTML

Convert BibTeX to MODS using bibutils, and use CiteProc to produce HTML output.

Sara E. Sprenkle has a BibTeX2HTML package with a revised edition of our bibtex2xml python script.

Michael Auth: BibTeX-XML-HTML project. The web page also depicts graphically the advantages of an XML formulation of BibTeX.

Other BibTeX DTDs

Marco Kuhlmann A modularisable DTD. XSL for BibTeX output.
SRF+BML by Holger (David) Wagner